10 Traditional Turkish Foods You Should Eat

Istanbul is a city that hosts unique tastes with its striking history and splendor. The rich food culture of Istanbul dates back to quite old times. If you are planning to come to Istanbul for a holiday, you should definitely taste the traditional dishes of this place.
In this article, we have created a list with food that must be tasted for you in Istanbul. Here are 10 traditional Turkish foods that must be eaten.

1. Traditional Turkish Breakfast
Traditional Turkish breakfast is a must for starting the day energetically in Istanbul. Turkish breakfast consists of cheese varieties, honey jam, tomato, cucumber and olives. You should definitely try the French fries with your breakfast and menemen, a Turkish flavor.

2. Doner
Doner, a Turkish classic, is one of the tastes you should definitely taste. In addition to doner kebab, you can choose ayran as a beverage. Ayran is a delicious and cold drink made with plain yogurt and water unique to Turks.

3. Lahmacun
Known as Turkish pizza, lahmacun is a food prepared with minced meat, garlic, parsley, onion, red pepper and black pepper and cooked in a stone oven on a thinly rolled dough. The dough is thinner than pizza and cheese is not used.

4. Kebab
Kebab is one of the famous tastes in Turkish cuisine. Kebab is called meat dishes cooked in oak coal, wood oven or barbecue. There are many kinds of kebabs in traditional Turkish cuisine. The most known of these varieties are; Adana kebab, Tas Kebab, Cağ kebab, Patlıcan kebab and Şiş kebab.

5. Historical Sultanahmet Meatballs
You can take a short break and taste the historical Sultanahmet meatballs while walking through the historical buildings in Sultanahmet. This delicious meatball is one of the tastes that visitors to Istanbul should definitely try.

6. Meze
Meze is a food group found in the Eastern Mediterranean and Traditional Turkish cuisine. It is mostly served cold. It can also be eaten as a snack before the main meal. There are many different types of breasts. Appetizers are generally consumed as a snack next to the raki, not to be saturated. It can be made with very simple ingredients (cheese, salami, etc.) and also made from vegetables and seafood.

7. Balık Ekmek
Balık ekmek is one of the common street flavors in Turkish cuisine. It is a sandwich type prepared by adding fish and various vegetables to Turkish bread. You should definitely taste the fish breads sold on the boat, especially in Eminönü square.

8. Pide
Pide is a food very similar to lahmacuna. The most famous varieties with minced meat, cheese and potatoes. On the minced pide; ground beef, onion, tomato, etc. The mixture prepared with is distributed to pide dough. The edges are closed. In cheese pide, cheese and parsley are added to the middle of the dough.

9. Turkish Ice Cream
Turkish ice cream, the most entertaining food on this list, is quite delicious. Usually ice creamers extend the ice cream to you from a long stick. But getting ice cream will not be that easy.

10. Kanlıca Yoghurt

Kanlıca yoghurt is one of the traditional tastes of Istanbul. This flavor, passed down from generation to generation, is very famous in Istanbul. If you like yogurt, you should definitely try Kanlıca yogurt.