5 Suggestions To Make Your Travels Better

Traveling, exploring new places is an amazing activity that opens up the horizons of people. Travel, which is the biggest passion of some people, is one of the sine qua non of life. If you like to travel too and you are going to take a trip soon. We have put together the suggestions you need for you.



1. Choose Hotels NearTourist Attractions

In most cases, city road expenses (taxi, bus, metro etc.) can be as expensive as hotel money. Hotels that are not close to touristic places just to make them cheaper will steal your budget with their travel expenses and your time with their distance. Great Fortune Hotel is within walking distance of most historical and touristic attractions in Istanbul. Most of the historical places in Istanbul are located in the Historical Peninsula. Our hotel is located in the center of this peninsula.



2. Use the Suitcase Most Efficiently

The correct and smartly packed suitcases allow you to take more items you will need during your travels. If your belongings do not take up much space, carrying a backpack instead of a suitcase will make you more comfortable during your journey. Also, most of the people fill their luggage while traveling. When returning after the trip, he cannot find a place in his suitcase to fit the gifts he bought. Do not forget to leave room in your suitcase for items you can take along your travel route in order not to fall into such a situation. You can roll your clothes to create more space in your suitcase. In this way, wrinkle problems are eliminated.



3. Explore Cheap Transportation Options

When you decide to travel, consider all your transportation options. Select all of your options by plane, bus or train, calculate how many hours it will all take and how long it will cost. Because sometimes it can be considered as cheaper to go by car. But this causes more time to go. You don't want most of your journey to pass on the road. For a good trip, you should adjust the time-money balance well.



4. Use Travel Containers

Containers for travel are very advantageous for travel. The size of your sun creams, shampoos or other cosmetic products is usually large for travel bags. To save space, you can put as many products in small containers and place them in your luggage. Also, if you are going to travel by plane, you should not forget the liquid transport limit in the planes. With the cosmetic products you put in small travel containers, you save space and do not exceed the liquid transport limits.



5. Choose Discounted Travel Cards

Some credit cards make you earn miles from your flights. Mostly, airline's credit cards give extra miles. In this way, you can perform your next flights free of charge. Research campaigns and cards to use the most advantageous credit card. With the Great Fortune Hotel, you can experience the most enjoyable and comfortable Istanbul holiday.


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